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The Complete IT Solution — Service Desk andRemote Support

GoToAssist’s seamlessly integrated toolset takes you through the entire lifecycle of an issue.

The Complete IT Solution — Integrated Service Desk and Remote Support

From beginning to end, GoToAssist’s seamlessly integrated toolset takes you through the entire lifecycle of an issue.

A fully integrated toolset to make support easier

Simplify IT workflow with easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy cloud-based GoToAssist tools. From ITIL-based service desk management to remote support, GoToAssist enhances IT operations, drives efficiency and reduces support costs. It’s the essential integrated toolset to help you manage, prioritize and deliver amazing support.

“The integration makes it more efficient to move from one area of functionality to another, speeding up our processes."

-Trevor Benson, President, A1 Network Solutions

Why you need two essential IT tools in one simple user interface

With advances in technology happening every day, it’s an extremely exciting time to be part of the IT world. With all of these new innovations, it is important to have the most efficient and state-of-the-art interface to meet the support needs of clients, customers and end users.

Integrated tools lead to increased productivity, ensure that support workflow runs efficiently and ultimately give you complete visibility over your entire IT support services. Your team will be able to streamline their work process and avoid pointless complexity, all while reducing costs. The GoToAssist toolset will strengthen your IT operations and drive performance from start to finish.

What you can do with integrated support tools

Open a ticket — GoToAssist Service Desk

ITSM and ITIL industry best practices are incorporated into GoToAssist Service Desk by design, ensuring your team intuitively provides excellent service. Once an issue has been identified, use GoToAssist Service Desk to create an incident, easily set priority levels and assign technicians. Repetitive labor is eliminated through automatic triggers, templates and tasks. The Service Desk data bank immediately links the ticket with relevant information to related incidents and knowledge articles to help your team quickly find a solution. With GoToAssist Service Desk, you add clarity, speed and structure to your service desk procedures without adding complexity. You can even delight your customers with a full self-service knowledge center portal — let your customers use self-help and even submit a ticket when they need assistance.

Launch support — GoToAssist Remote Support


Now that a ticket has been logged using Service Desk, you can initiate a remote support session with the click of a button directly from the ticket using GoToAssist Remote Support. Instantly deliver webbased assistance to customers and end users using screen sharing, remote control, chat, diagnostics, reboot/reconnect and more to quickly resolve technical issues on PCs, Macs, mobile devices, unattended computers and servers. Use team-based functionality so your support technicians can share access to unattended machines and set up machines by group, company, operating system, location or customized categories.

Learn more about GoToAssist’s complete IT solution

As novel technologies emerge and employees become increasingly mobile with their personal devices, there is a growing need for more efficient IT support. No longer does a single support tool fit the bill. In order to have a successful IT support infrastructure, an advanced but easy-to-use integrated toolset that increases productivity while decreasing costs is essential.

Be sure to check out the GoToAssist Service Desk and GoToAssist Remote Support fact sheets for more information on each module.



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