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GoToAssist Mobile Support

GoToAssist Remote Support lets your agents troubleshoot mobile issues on iOS and Android devices. These features are available as an add-on component to the GoToAssist agent console, and eliminate the need for an agent app.

Key benefits
• Seamless support for iOS and Android users
• No agent app required
• Available as an add-on when using the GoToAssist agent console


iOS Device Support
Leverage the iOS Broadcast feature for agents to remotely view any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11+ for fast, easy support.

Android device support
Remotely view and control your end users’ Android* devices running Android 6+ to perform tasks and resolve issues as seamlessly as if you were there in person.

Mobile chat
Chat instantly with end users right within the web browser or app, so they can ask questions at any time and will always know what’s going on.

Session transfer
Seamlessly hand a mobile support session over to another active agent within your organization for tougher issues or those that require higher-level permissions.

Session recording
Automatically record all on-screen activity when a support session is launched for auditing or training purposes.

Starting a session is easy:

After the end user successfully downloads the ToGoAssist mobile app, there are multiple ways to join a session:

1. SMS invite
• The agent sends a link with a unique URL via SMS to the end user
• The end user taps the URL link in the SMS message on their mobile device
• The ToGoAssist app launches automatically with the pre-populated session key and the session begins

2. Email invite
• The agent sends a link with a unique URL via email to the end user.

3. Link invite
• The agent sends a link with a unique URL via a messaging tool (Slack, Skype, etc.) to the end user.

4. End user app
• The end user opens the ToGoAssist app
• The end user taps “Join Session” and the sessions begins

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