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Create records of configuration items and their relationships for easy impact assessment.


Self-service at your service.

Customers often prefer to help themselves, and Service Desk makes it possible. Everything a customer might need for support is available in a simple online portal that you create. Over time, this customer empowerment can help deflect tickets and lower support costs. That’s a win-win every way you look at it.

Customize your support portal.

Service Desk comes with a set of ready-to-go templates for your customer portal. Pick your company’s color and add your logo to give it a professional look. And if you need to, you can adjust security settings like account lockouts and password expirations to meet compliance requirements

Track, report, read and reply.

The online portal provides a simple way for customers to submit incidents and follow their progress. They can also view your knowledge base of help articles to find answers to their own questions. Service Desk even shows any messages you publish in the portal, so customers can stay informed and communicate with the team.

Let people register themselves.

Cut down on the time you spend tracking and adding new customers. In Service Desk, you can easily open the portal to self-registration. Customers click a link to create their own account and are automatically sent an activation email.

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Reduce call volume by helping customers answer their own questions.


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