See What Your Customer Sees

Examine a customer site with GoToAssist Seeit live camera streaming for iOS and Android devices.

Examine anything on a customer site with GoToAssist Seeit live camera streaming for iOS and Android devices.

A sight for support eyes

GoToAssist was the first to offer online remote support, giving you a simple way to help computer users. And now with GoToAssist Seeit, you can add a new dimension to your customer service experience. Expand your support beyond the PC, Mac or mobile device to anything that requires assistance. Your customers will never see remote support the same way.

GoToAssist Seeit allows your customers to stream their mobile device cameras to a remote expert. So whether it’s a misconfigured router, a damaged automotive component or another piece of problematic hardware, you can easily take a look — no matter where you are. Now any remote expert can have eyes on a customer site in seconds.

Key benefits
• Quickly view through your customer’s camera.
• Remotely assist more than computers and mobile devices.
• Extend the value of your support services.
• Save time and trouble when identifying hardware issues.

Assist anyone with anything

IT support professionals: Avoid confusion and miscommunication by visually identifying whatever your end users need help with.

Customer support agents: Quickly see and solve product problems to improve customer satisfaction.

Managed service providers: Remotely inspect on-site issues for your clients to help maintain service-level agreements without extra travel.

Field service technicians: Guide customers through a fix or remotely diagnose the problem to arrive prepared with the right parts and tools.

How it works

The customer launches the GoToAssist Seeit mobile app and enters the support key you provide. Once in session, the customer simply taps the Camera icon in the toolbar and points their mobile device at the problem. In the GoToAssist Seeit web app, the remote expert can instantly see the live stream.

While sharing the camera, the customer can also talk with the expert through built-in audio, turn on the device’s flash and take snapshots. Every photo is captured in a gallery where the expert can then guide the customer by drawing directly on the images. With GoToAssist Seeit, physical device issues that would’ve been hard to explain over the phone can be easily identified and addressed.

What you need

For remote experts:

GoToAssist Seeit subscription (sign up at

For customers:

GoToAssist Seeit mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play)

iOS 8.1 or later
Android 4.1 or later


Camera streaming: View through your customer’s iPhone or Android camera to see the issue clearly.

Audio: Communicate with customers through built-in audio to guide the inspection or repair.

Snapshots: Take high-resolution photos during the support session for a record of the issue.

Photo management: See a thumbnail gallery of all photos taken during the session.

Annotation: Illustrate your point by placing arrows on the paused video or on snapshots.

Secure web portal: Log in from any device and launch a live video support session in seconds.

Customer mobile app: Let your customers quickly connect with the free GoToAssist Seeit app for iPhone and Android.

API availability: Integrate GoToAssist Seeit seamlessly into your existing tools to quickly launch support sessions.

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