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GoToAssist Remote Support is the essential support tool designed for IT professionals, managed service providers and software consultants in a team environment.

GoToAssist Remote Support is the essential support tool designed for IT professionals, managed service providers and software consultants in a team environment. With GoToAssist Remote Support, you can resolve technical issues by instantly delivering web-based support to customers, end users, unattended computers and servers.

GoToAssist Remote Support is the choice of IT professionals demanding robust, easy-to-use remote support. GoToAssist Remote Support’s award-winning technology allows both on-demand sessions and the ability to connect to unattended machines. Team-based functionality lets multiple support technicians share access to unattended machines and group machines by company, operating system, location and customized categories.

Key benefits
• Boost productivity and revenue by quickly resolving technical issues.
• Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• Reduce travel time and related costs.
• Share access to your unattended computers with team members.
• Integrates with GoToAssist Service Desk for the easy all-in-one IT solution.
• Go mobile with GoToAssist for iPad and Android.

Two essential IT tools in one easy user interfaceFor easy, fast service delivery, GoToAssist Remote Support smoothly integrates with GoToAssist Service Desk. Drive efficiency and customer satisfaction with both easy-to-use cloud-based tools in one unified platform. Use GoToAssist Service Desk to streamline your team’s work flow and manage incidents, releases, problems and configuration changes. Then use GoToAssist Remote Support to quickly connect and resolve issues.

ApplicationsIT managers: Manage multiple support technicians who assist end users and service unattended computers and servers. Deliver technical assistance to remote staff and clients around the globe and around the clock.

IT consultants: Instantly solve customers’ technical problems by providing live, on-demand support. Use multi-tenant, custom grouping and centralized administration to control access to unattended machines for multiple organizations.

Software consultants: Share access to unattended computers with team members working on the same project. Use GoToAssist Remote Support to help train customers on your software or resolve issues after hours when they are away from their machines.

SecurityGoToAssist Remote Support security includes 100 percent permission-based support and end-to-end data encryption using governmentapproved 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


• Two-way screen sharing: See exactly what’s happening on your customer’s desktop or show your own screen as an example.
• Remote control: Remotely take control of your client’s desktop and provide service, as if you were sitting at the client’s computer.
• Unattended support: Work on your computers or servers after hours or when they are unattended.
• Administration center: Manage team members, setting the functions they can perform and the resources and machines they can access.
• Multi-tenancy and grouping: Support multiple organizations and group machines by company, operating system, location or customized categories.
• Support mobile devices: Deliver technical support to Android and iOS mobile device users. Chat with users to resolve issues, share profiles and capture screenshots.
• Multiple support entry points: Using a 9-digit support code, connect with your customers from various entry points (, embedded HTML on your website or a customizable URL).
• Multiple sessions: Simultaneously support up to 8 customers at a time.
• Session recording: Record active support and chat sessions for auditing and training purposes.
• Session reporting: Run reports on all support activity for detailed information, including customer names, technician notes and session times.
• Session transfer: Seamlessly transfer session to another support rep (tier 1 to tier 2) or invite a support rep into an existing session.
• File transfer: Instantly exchange files and folders with your customers.
• PC and Mac support: Support both PC and Mac users — from either a PC or a Mac computer.
• Remote diagnostics: Obtain client’s system information in a single mouse-click.
• Go mobile: Deliver support from anywhere with your iPad or Android device.
• Live chat: Chat in real time with clients instead of staying on the phone.
• Reboot/reconnect: Restart your customer’s computer and automatically reconnect to the support session in progress.
• Log in as administrator: Perform system administrative tasks such as Send Ctrl-Alt-Del.
• Instant email invitations: One click sends the client a Microsoft Outlook email or instant message containing a link to the support session.
• Wake-on-LAN: Turn on powered-off computers to provide service, install updates, transfer files, etc.
• Customer-initiated support: Let your customers request support via chat with escalation to screen sharing.
• Language availability: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
• Integrated Service Desk module: Log and track incidents, deliver end-user selfservice and manage configuration, changes and releases.
• Technician permissions: Control who can access unattended machines and use the file transfer feature.

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