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Remove the friction from remote support and delight your customers and remote employees.

Supporting customers and remote employees just got a lot easier

GoToAssist Remote Support is the choice of IT professionals demanding intuitive, easy-to-use remote support. Our innovative technology allows both on-demand sessions and the ability to connect to unattended machines, directly from a desktop or web-based agent console.

We’ve introduced visual cues that guide agents and end users through the connection process for a seamless join flow that results in a truly frictionless experience.

Use cases

IT managers: Manage multiple support agents who assist customers and service computers and servers. Deliver technical assistance to remote staff and customers around the globe and around the clock.

IT consultants: Instantly solve customers’ technical problems by providing live, on-demand support. Use multi-tenant, custom grouping and centralized administration to control access to unattended machines for multiple organizations. Share access to unattended computers with team members to assist in resolving issues.


Agent controls
• Modern interface: Choose from a modern web browser or desktop agent console.
• Remote view and chat: Remotely view and chat with a customer without the need for any download.
• Remote control: Remotely control your customer’s machine to provide support as if you were there in person.
• Unattended support: Work on your computers or servers after hours or when they are unattended.
• Session transfer: Seamlessly transfer sessions to another support agent (e.g., tier 1 to tier 2).
• Reverse screen share:: Share your screen on Windows or Mac machines with the end-user while in remote view or remote control.
• Admin mode: Automatically start a session in Admin Mode and remove the need to manually elevate after the session is connected.
• Multiple sessions: Simultaneously support up to 10 customers at a time.
• File transfer: Instantly exchange files and folders with your customers.
• Remote diagnostics: Obtain your customer’s system information in a single click.
• Reboot/reconnect: Restart your customer’s computer and automatically reconnect to the support session in progress.

Admin controls
• Messaging integration: Allow your customers to use messaging applications like Slack to request and join support sessions.
• Session recording: Record active support sessions for auditing and training purposes.
• Centralized Admin Center: Run reports, create groups and manage team members, setting the functions agents can perform and the resources and machines they can access.

Security & permissions
• Secure sessions: Secure sessions: Offer permission-based support with data encryption using  256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) up to 1.3 where supported.
• Two-factor authentication: Add a second level of security for your accounts to make credential attacks extremely difficult.
• Single Sign-On (SSO): Allow your team to securely log in to GoToAssist with the same identity they use for other enterprise applications.
• Active Directory Connector (ADC): Simplify user management with the ADC, which receives Active Directory user updates and automatically makes the same changes in your GoToAssist account.

Mobile capabilities
• iOS Support: Leverage the iOS Broadcast feature to remotely view any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11+ for fast, easy support.
• Android support: Remotely view and control Android devices including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei running Android 6+.
• Mobile chat: Communicate simply and transparently during a mobile support session through mobile chat.
• SMS Session invite: Take end users directly into the mobile support session without the need to re-enter a session code.

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