In-app Customer Service Delivers a Human Experience When It's Needed Most

Connect with customers on your mobile app for a personal, visual and interactive experience.

Mobile devices continue to change the way we interact with each other, entertain ourselves, learn new things, help others and shop. Mobility has also hastened another trend—the increasing power of the customer and the resulting pressure for companies to elevate customer service. At the heart of this trend is customers’ growing desire to be viewed as more than a transaction. Customers today are ready for deeper, more personal relationships with brands.

In response, companies are looking for ways to deliver richer, more personalized and convenient customer experiences, particularly with branded mobile apps. However, delivering customer service via a mobile app can result in a disjointed, frustrating experience for both customers and support teams.

According to industry research firm Gartner, there is "an immense gap between mobile adoption and successful customer service and support on the mobile device, which undermines the enterprise strategies for mobile."

It doesn’t have to be that way. Your company can deliver in-app customer service that is seamless, easy to use, and far more personal, visual and interactive for customers and support staff alike.

Stop the guesswork and frustration and start providing human in-app service

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your customer is using your mobile app and has a question or needs help. The customer taps the help button and gets a phone number for customer support. Calling the number takes the customer out of the app.

After navigating through the recorded voice system and reaching your customer service department, your customer is connected to a live person. But that support technician has no insight into who is calling, what the issue is or what the customer was doing when the problem occurred. Your customer is forced to explain everything in detail, while the support technician attempts to visualize or reproduce what the customer is describing. In all likelihood, the result is high customer effort, low customer satisfaction and longer call times.

“Providing more engaged training for our users and potentially decreasing their time to resolve support concerns while also increasing insights for our team are, in our view, major advantages of Concierge.”

-Daniel Cane, CEO, Modernizing Medicine

Instead, what if your company’s mobile app offered true in-app help, where your customers could do the following?

• Interact in real-time with a live person without leaving the app

• Engage with a customer service representative via live video

• Share their app screen and camera with your expert

• See visual cues such as highlighting or drawings in real time within your app to help resolve the issue

That’s what Citrix Concierge is all about: delivering a human experience on a mobile

Help your customers connect with your brand instantly

Citrix Concierge lets customers interact with an expert directly from a mobile app through live video, audio or chat. It's the first in-app customer service solution with live video and camera sharing, creating a personal, more human experience that also speeds resolution and reduces frustration for both your customers and your experts.

An easy-to-use-software devlopment kit (SDK) lets you embed the Concierge support experience within your app with minimal effort. Once embedded, mobile app users can connect directly to a live person with a single tap on the menu without having to exit the app.

Your customers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the Concierge experience. Concierge offers a robust set of tools that streamline mobile app service and support for your experts, such as routing requests to the right expert, gathering device information, managing users and providing live statistics.

Elevate service beyond traditional support

Citrix Concierge is ideal for companies that want to provide premium, real-time support and customer service within their mobile apps, including mobile-focused businesses, mobile commerce and retail companies, app developers, and enterprises with custom apps.

The opportunity to redefine the customer experience doesn’t stop with resolving customer support issues. Providing a premium in-app customer experience is the next logical step for businesses of all kinds:

• Healthcare: Deliver better and faster care to patients via a mobile health app with patient support from a live person

• Financial: Provide more personal and private customer service to mobile-banking app users

• Online retail: Interact with and assist customers at the moment of decision from within a branded retail app

• Hospitality: Provide personalized customer service for guests from within a mobile app

What to expect from Citrix Concierge

• More personal, convenient and satisfying mobile customer experience

• Reduced customer frustration and wait times

• Engagement with customers at the point of decision for mobile commerce

• Reduced call-handling time and support costs

• Improved expert productivity and job satisfaction

• Differentiation for your app and brand by delivering premium customer service

Take advantage of mobile device features to engage with customers

Today’s modern mobile devices come ready-made with tools such as high-definition video and imaging capabilities, microphones, and touch screens for improving customer service:

• Video, built-in audio and chat: Create an instant, deeper, more personal experience from within your app. Built-in Voice over IP (VoIP) lets experts talk directly with customers from within the app. The use of webcams creates a more human one-on-one experience. Or customers can choose the chat program within the app in situations where video or audio wouldn’t be appropriate.

• In-app screen sharing and guided assistance: Reduce customer effort and speed resolution as Concierge lets your experts see customers’ mobile app screens and any touches or changes they make. Annotation and touch assist allow experts to draw or highlight directly on the mobile app screen to show customers where to look or tap.

• Physical setups outside of the device: Let your customers use their mobile device cameras to show you something physical in their environment. Sometimes it’s not the app your experts need to see; so with Citrix Concierge, your customers can use their device’s camera to show your experts what they are physically seeing..

• Security and privacy: Assure customers they can maintain full control of their devices. Citrix Concierge is designed with the security and privacy of your customers in mind. Your experts cannot see or do anything to a customer’s device without his or her authorization. Also, Concierge uses industry-standard technology to secure and encrypt any communication with customers.

Get started providing instant in-app customer service

With Citrix Concierge in-app customer service, you can improve satisfaction, reduce wait times, differentiate your brand and more. Experience for yourself how seamless and effective mobile app customer service can be. See a demo of Citrix Concierge at

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