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Prepare for disruption.
In today’s disrupted world, working from home is the new norm. With many teams becoming instantly remote, support teams must figure out a way to support employees where they are — now.

This shift may be urgent, but it also highlights the importance of supporting a remote workforce in the longer term. With solid systems in place, your business can be more bulletproof for whatever comes your way.
Keep employees productive and working.
Working from home may be new to some employees. Whole new systems may need to be connected, which can cause confusion. And even employees who are used to working remotely need help from time to time. Remote device support means your IT agents can assist your employees with technical issues in an instant. Employees can keep working, and so can IT.

• Remotely solve issues on laptops and smartphones
• Get employees back to doing what matters
• Connect to unattended machines


Radically Refreshing Employee Support

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We are all adjusting to this new reality. So when we hit technical issues, it’s not just about resolving them fast. Doing it without added frustration is key. GoToAssist is built to take the pressure off both technicians and employees with a frictionless browser-based experience.


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