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Remote Diagnostics

See your customer’s system summary, applications, services and more in one quick report.


Instant information at your fingertips.

The more information you have about a customer’s computer, the better equipped you’ll be to provide remote diagnostics support. And with GoToAssist, you don’t have to go digging through internal settings for the details. One click will pull it all up to the surface in an easily readable report, so you can quickly find what you need to know and get back to the matter at hand.

Answers to questions unasked.

Much of the information shared in the diagnostic report your customers may not even know themselves. Serial numbers aren’t easy to memorize, after all. So rather than ask customers to hunt for the details, you can skip the questions entirely and see for yourself. It makes things more convenient for your customers and much quicker for you.

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Session Reporting

Run reports on all support activity for detailed information.

File Transfer

Securely send and receive files in a live or unattended support session.


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