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It’s more than a name change. It’s a game changer.

Meet GoTo Resolve: everything you love about GoToAssist, plus so much more.

Experience the same powerful remote support features, with added device management, background access, ticketing, and automation – all wrapped in zero trust architecture.

IT Automation

Help agents and employees get more done every day with attended access and multi-session handling.

Conversational Ticketing

Simplify request management by plugging IT support right into your team’s favorite messaging tools.

Zero-trust Security

Securely keep your systems running with enterprise-grade security plus consumer-grade ease of use.

GoTo Resolve FAQs

What is the plan for GoToAssist? Will it be going away?
At this time, GoToAssist is not changing or going away. Customers will continue to be supported and can grow their accounts. However, GoTo Resolve is the next evolution of GoToAssist. With GoTo Resolve, we're broadening our IT support capabilities to meet customer demand. GoTo Resolve includes the same world-class remote support customers get with GoToAssist but layers in integrated remote management functionality, like background access, zero-trust security, and a lightweight conversational ticketing platform. Over 2022, GoTo Resolve will grow to include more RMM functionality and integrations.
Can a GoToAssist customer try, buy, and use GoTo Resolve?
Yes, GoToAssist customers can try, buy, and use GoTo Resolve. However, they will need to configure their GoTo Resolve account from scratch and redeploy unattended hosts. We are evaluating more seamless migration options for late 2022 or 2023.
Will GoToAssist configuration and unattended computers be ported over?
You will need to configure your GoTo Resolve account from scratch and redeploy unattended hosts. We are evaluating more seamless migration options for late 2022 or 2023.
What is the plan for other GoTo (previously LogMeIn) products?
We have no plans to change our product lineup over the next year. Customers will continue to receive the same support and product functionality they’ve been using.
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