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GoToAssist vs. TeamViewer

GoToAssist knocks out TeamViewer in a head-to-head performance test.


A faster, easier start to sessions

While TeamViewer creates unnecessary friction points, GoToAssist simplifies the support experience so you can resolve your employees’ issues fast.

Speedy Connections

Our web-based console allows for the fastest connection times possible; so employees can get back to what matters.

Direct Session Invites

Unlike TeamViewer, which requires manual communication of a session code, GoToAssist will directly text, email, or share a link with the employee. No more “can you repeat that?”

Hands-free Downloads

As an alternative to TeamViewer, GoToAssist’s lightweight application extension replaces the heavy, time-consuming endpoint downloads usually found in starting a TeamViewer remote support session.

Out-of-the-box Slack Integration

Meet employees where they’re already comfortable – in Slack. A remote control session can be easily started within Slack through a simple slash command, so your employees don’t need to learn another process.

Mobile that keeps you moving.

In today’s on-the-go work environment, immediate mobile device support is critical. GoToAssist is over two times faster than TeamViewer when connecting to mobile devices. With web-based chat, an agent and employee can be in contact quickly and without an app. For sessions that require remote view or control, a direct-to-download SMS feature takes users directly to the app store page of our lightweight application.

Make security a non-negotiable.

By using GoToAssist, you won’t have to compromise. Security features such as encryption, SRP authentication, multi-factor login authentication, and more keep you and your employees’ data safe, making it a suitable alternative to TeamViewer.

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