Slack Integration

Go from chat to remote control sessions where employees are already working with the Slack App integration.

RescueAssist Employee Demo

Productivity, achieved.

Keep your employees productive by assisting them where they work every day – in Slack. Employees can reach out to you through chat, and you can easily start a remote control session in the Slack interface using the built-in slash command -- /rescue -- without any installation. Resolutions are fast and fluid without jumping platforms, so they can get back to business with less interruption.

On-the-spot problem solving.
With the Slack App Integration, agents can gain control of a remote PC, Mac, or mobile device in seconds. Agents simply initiate a remote support session during a Slack conversation to view the employee’s screen and take control.
RescueAssist and Slack: Install the Image

Connect to Slack in 3 simple steps.

1. Enable the Slack integration in GoToAssist
· Log into your GoToAssist account
· Sign into your Slack account and "Add to Slack"

2. Authorize GoToAssist in your Slack workspace
· If not already logged in to Slack, you will be prompted to log in (NOTE: the user needs admin rights)
· Authorize the GoToAssist app
· You'll be redirected back to GoToAssist; make any changes and save configuration

3. Access GoToAssist in Slack
· In Slack, under Apps, click Browse Apps (the plus sign)
· On the Browse Apps page, locate and click the GoToAssist app

That's it. You and your end users are ready to chat with GoToAssist.
Tip: If end users don't see GoToAssist listed under Apps, remind them to click Browse Apps (the plus sign) to add it themselves.